Hey everyone!  Well, what I thought was going to be an uneventful December became anything but!  At the begining of November, we had only one wedding and reception (which was the bomb dot com, by the way) on the books.  Five more weddings and an additional reception and we are in a New Year!

Danielle and Chad’s wedding was our first wedding, and the first reception held since I became coordinator.  It was a large wedding, which goes to show…there is plenty of room to party on the patio!  The brides mother did a fabulous job of decorating and she made the food….which smelled and tasted heavenly!

We also have a few small, quickly planned, military weddings which were so fun!  I love seeing these boys in their uniforms. (I had a guest tell me they are men, not boys.  True, however because I could easily be their mother…seeing as how they were born in year I graduated…they are still boys).

My favorite (I know, I shouldn’t pick favorites) was Beth and Mitchell’s wedding.  She came to me 2 weeks before she wanted her ceremony (Christmas Eve) and she used my services to plan all the details. From the rentals we’d need to food and flowers!  We had a morning ceremony with a yummy champagne brunch served for food.  It was a small wedding with just family and the closest friends.  I just adored her entire family!  They were so happy with all the details and grateful I was willing to accommodate them on December 24th!  Of course, in hindsight, I wouldn’t done a couple things differently.  However, given the time restraint, it was beautiful.  In the brides words, it was perfect!  Nothing made me happier!





It’s a New Year!!